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Wednesday January 31, 2007

Dear Friends,

Thank-you all for your continued support over the years, however it is with a heavy heart, that I regret to announce that I am closing paddedcell.ca, effective today.

I will strive to keep all hosting operations on line for at least the next 30 days as a courtesy to everyone. Basic services may continue to be provided solely as a hobby with absolutely no warranty whatsoever. Anyone wishing to request service past 30 days, please send an email request within the next 25 days to helpdesk at paddedcell.ca. Any account without such a request will be terminated after 30 days.

Anyone wishing to receive a copy of all current data and/or aid in transferring services to a 3rd party provider, I would ask them to also make their request by email to helpdesk at paddedcell.ca within the next 25 days.

I wish to thank everyone for their personal support, however it is time for me to move on.

Best wishes for the future.
David Norris

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